In-Person & Online Traumatic Grief Counseling for Black Women in Maryland

Online Grief Coaching for Black Women Across the US (CT, DC, GA, IL, MA, NJ, NY, PA, VA) 

Grief Coaching with Dr. Grayman

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If you are grieving, but are not traumatically bereaved, you may still benefit from support in the form of grief coaching. Here, I provide a personalized structured plan that includes grief education and exercises designed to help you tend to the six needs of mourning as they are described by Dr. Alan Wolfelt: (1) Acknowledge the reality of the loss, impending loss, or medical diagnosis related change; (2) Process the emotions connected to it; (3) Honor it; (4) Cultivate a transformed self identity and new practices in response to it; (5) Search for new existential meanings and understandings in relation to it; (6) Engage ongoing support from reliable social and educational networks. Tending work is pursued to foster reconciliation to the life shift.

Our supportive coaching work begins with 12 structured sessions over eight weeks and may include somatic, nature-based, expressive art, and Christian practice exercises.

Grief coaching is not covered by insurance. The fee for a 50-minute session is $150.

Sample 8-Week Coaching Schedule:

Week 1: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Week 2 – Week 8: Wednesday

Coaching Materials Included with the Eight Week Fee:  

Seasonal Therapeutic Encounters with Nature Journal

Curated Black Church Sermonic Guidance Library

Curated Gospel Music Sound Healing Playlist

Curated Grief Journey Audio Psychoeducation Library

Grief One Day at a Time: 365 Meditations to Help You Heal After Loss

Art and Writing Journal

Art Materials

Ongoing coaching is available upon conclusion of the initial 12 sessions.

Online Grief Coaching for Black Women Available in These States:


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