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Offered Live Sundays 12:00-4:00 PM EST. Register by 12:00 PM EST Friday.

Continuing Education Program Participant Testimonials:

"Dr. Grayman is an expert in how to care for grieving people and her strengths-based, culturally relevant approach to holding space for Black folks is necessary for so many of us. She creates an atmosphere that is easy and comfortable to learn in, and she shares complex information in an accessible way. This course exceeded my expectations and I'm coming away with valuable skills and increased confidence in my ability to provide quality care to the people who come to me for support during their grief process."

"This training was so impactful on so many levels. The importance of appropriately matching the Big 5 [PERSONALITY FACTORS] between clinician/client to be able to better serve my clients in a way that pours back into myself and avoid unnecessary stress and burnout was immensely helpful. Your example of doing that through your practice was even more so!"

"Dr. Nyasha is a knowledgeable and skilled instructor. After taking her course I am definitely more comfortable attending to clients who are experiencing traumatic grief. You will find that she provides participants with a step by step approach to being successful traumatic grief therapists that provides a competency based approach to helping African American clients adapt to life after experiencing traumatic grief."

"The content was very comprehensive. I am excited to implement the materials and resources for my personal use and self care before implementing them with my African American patients with traumatic grief. It was empowering to have a training that empowered and connected me to local Black Therapists in Baltimore."

NBCC CE Brochure

In addition to offering individual grief therapy to Black women, I am pleased to assist licensed therapists across the country, including those practicing under supervision, who would like to develop greater comfort, confidence and skill with culturally responsive traumatic grief therapy. As a group course instructor and individual clinical consultant, I will help you to personalize my structured, titrated, and integrative approach to meet your clients’ unique culturally embedded bereavement needs.

While this training focuses on the treatment of traumatically bereaved African American adults, non African Americans are likely to find this program guidance applicable to your grief and bereavement work with clients within your particular culture. At the same time, it is important for me to note that my approach and training reflect a value for an emic (shared culture) vs an etic (cross-culture) approach to treatment (i.e., client-therapist cultural match). This is not the right training for those who are looking to develop their "cross-cultural" clinical skills.

Learning Objectives. Course Participants Will:

1. Record four common factors influencing therapeutic outcomes;
2. Record principles of effective traumatic grief therapy;
3. Experience and evaluate goodness-of-fit of various culturally responsive African American traumatic grief interventions for your clinical practice;
4. Review and evaluate sample culturally responsive, structured, and integrative therapy plan for a traumatically bereaved African American client;
5. Review and evaluate culturally responsive structured approach to biopsychosocial assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning and progress for a bereaved African American client.

Training Includes Complimentary:

(1) Forever Access to Sermons for the African American Grief Journey Library
(2) Seasonal Therapeutic Encounters with Nature Journal ($24.95 Value)
(3) Forever Access to Curated Grounding Bodywork Intervention Collection

(4) Forever Access to Curated Grief Psychoeducation Podcast Library
(5) Forever Access to Curated Gospel Prayer Playlist
(6) Forever Access to Curated Sound Healing Playlists

Course and Consultation Fees:

CE Course: $200 (60% Discount)

Optional Post CE Clinical Consultation: $100/Hour (Two Hour Minimum) 

Clinical Consultation Includes: 

Pre Therapy Planning

Forever Access to My Traumatic Grief Therapy Practice Forms

Private Practice Structural & Systems Setup Guidance 

Potential Client Screening Guidance in Service of Facilitating Therapist's Self Care and Holistic Wellness

I look forward to learning with you. ??

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