Online Grief & Bereavement Therapy for African American Marylanders (I Am Currently Full. Email Me for Referrals.) 

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"Seasonal Therapeutic Encounters with Nature Journal: 52 Experiences for Baltimoreans" features structured encounters in Baltimore City County, Baltimore County, Howard County, Montgomery County, Prince George's County, Anne Arundel County, Harford County, Carroll County, Caroline County, Worcester County, and Mostly Anywhere Planet Earth. 🌿

Each guided encounter includes space for expressive journaling and visual art. The journal is available for purchase through Amazon. I hope that you find it beneficial.

Nature Journal

This Lamentations & Hope Card Deck contains 62 scriptures concerned with the phenomenology of human suffering and security from what some know as the "Wisdom" books of the Bible- a recent ancient collection of inspired guidance rooted in more ancient sacred Wisdom Literature traditions. They are designed to be used as contemplative and reflective journal writing prompts. You may decide to move through the deck, one card a week, in the originally arranged order, shuffle the deck and draw a scripture prompt, or experiment with novel uses. However you choose to use the deck, may its words from antiquity help you to feel seen and validated in your present sorrows and assured in the promises of your brighter tomorrows. You can purchase a deck through the PayPal button below (US only at this time). I will personally ship your order within 48 hours. And, if you would like me to ship a deck directly to someone with a personalized note included as a gift, I can do that as well. Just place the preferred shipping address and your personalized note on the checkout page.

Lamentation and Hope Card Deck