Online Grief & Bereavement Therapy for African American Marylanders (I Am Currently Full. Email Me for Referrals.) 

Coaching/Consultation Services

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In addition to offering individual grief therapy to African American Marylanders, I am pleased to assist licensed Black therapists across the United States who are interested in working with/preparing to work with/currently working with bereaved African American adult clients. As a group course instructor/clinical consultant, I will help you to personalize my structured, titrated, and integrative approach to meet your unique client's needs. CEs are not available at this time.

5-Hour Integrative African American Grief Therapy Course Includes Complimentary:

(1) Forever Access to Sermons for the African American Grief Journey Library (18 Sermons. $180 Value.)
(2) Lamentations & Hope: Guidance from the Bible’s Wisdom Books Card Deck (52 Cards. $29.95 Value.)
(3) Seasonal Therapeutic Encounters with Nature Journal: 52 Experiences for Baltimoreans ($24.95 Value.)
(4) Forever Access to Grounding Bodywork Intervention Slides (31 Slides. $15 Value.)
(5) Forever Access to Grief Journal Writing Prompts (52 Slides. $15 Value.)

(6) Forever Access to Visual Art Interventions for the Grief Journey (18 Activities. $15 Value.)
(7) Forever Access to Curated Grief Psychoeducation Podcast Library (18 Episodes.)
(8) Forever Access to Curated Gospel Prayer Playlist (52 Songs.)
(9) Forever Access to Curated Sound Healing Playlists (8 Playlists.)
(10) Forever Access to Holistic Wellness Assessments and Treatment Plans (8 Assessments, 1 Sample Diagnosis and Treatment Plan, 1 Sample Detailed Session-by-Session 18-Session Integrative Therapy Plan.)

1-Hour Integrative African American Grief Therapy Course Topics:

  • Integrating Nature Work Into Grief Therapy
  • Integrating Sound Healing Into Grief Therapy
  • Integrating Breathwork Into Grief Therapy
  • Integrating Traditional Black Church Worship Practices Into Grief Therapy
  • Integrating Chair Yoga & Other Grounding Bodywork Techniques Into Grief Therapy
  • Integrating Expressive Writing Into Grief Therapy
  • Integrating Drawing, Coloring, Painting, and Claywork Into Grief Therapy
  • Integrating At-Home Body Treatments Into Grief Therapy
  • Integrating Aromatherapy Into Grief Therapy
  • Integrating Grounding Techniques Into Grief Therapy
  • Integrating Self-Energy Healing Into Grief Therapy
  • Integrating Mindful Eating & Hydration Into Grief Therapy
  • Integrating Sleep Hygiene Into Grief Therapy
  • Integrating Collaboration for Psychopharmacological Interventions Into Grief Therapy

Course and Consultation Fees

5-Hour Integrative African American Grief Therapy Course $500/Person Spread Over Ten Monthly Payments of $50 (Number of Participants = 10)

1-Hour One-On-One Post 5-Hour Course Consultation $100/Person

1-Hour Integrative African American Grief Therapy Course $50/Person (Number of Participants = 20)

Please visit the "About Dr. Grayman" page on this practice site to learn more about me as a clinician and educator. If you would like to be notified of upcoming 5-Hour and 1-Hour integrative African American grief therapy course offerings, please let me know through the "Contact Form" on my Consultation & Supervision Directory Site. I look forward to learning with you. ☀️

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